The use of intermodal carriers such as rail and sea is ever increasing in significance. It is unthinkable that they will not be part of the world of transport. Operating a network of intermodal transports on rail and road, deploying state-of-the-art transport units and handling equipment as well as by means of their long-term expertise in bulk transportation, SCHMIDT is capable to provide an efficient and reliable alternative to traditional road transportation. By developing an intermodal infrastructure, container transports for international and national traffic volumes could be designed.
Containers as unaccompanied transport units are particularly suitable for long-distance destinations.





  • Utilization for transport and / or storage
  • Utilization as emergency/safe storage
  • Flexible supply of raw material to consignee to realize “just-in-time” concepts
  • Economic implementation of one-way traffic
  • Consequent utilization of environmentally friendly transport modes such as rail, barge and vessel


Our own container transport vehicles with their special technical equipment such as tilting, compressor and rotary feeder ensure safe and reliable processing of the transport activities. Based on our longterm experience in container traffic and the acquired technical knowledge, the container fleet is growing continuously.


  • SCHMIDT’s corporate logistics centers providing a container infra-structure (occasionally providing their own railway siding)
  • SCHMIDT’s corporate European chassis fleet
  • Several thousand state-of-the-art SCHMIDT bulk containers
  • Close cooperation with railway and maritime carriers
  • Designing individual block train concepts


30’ pressurized tank container

Pressurized containers are suitable for nearly any free-flowing, dry bulk material. Un-/loading of these tank containers is identical to that of conventional road tankers.

Capacity: 42 – 50 m³
Dead weight: 2,4 – 2,5 to

Outer dimensions:
Length 9152 mm
Width 2500 mm
Height 2600 mm
Operating pressure 2,0 bar

30’ bag-in-box container

Inside these containers, so-called ”inliners” are fixed to the walls and filled with the material to be transported or stored. This container type is suitable for free-flowing granulated and powdery bulk goods. Food raw materials such as rice, sugar, corn etc. are subject to stringent hygiene requirements being complied with as the inliner is only used once. Unloading via rotary feeder/s. Special free-flow inliners and special rotary feeders are used for powdery products.

Capacity: 56 m³
Dead weight: 2,8 – 2,9 to

Outer dimensions:
Length 9152 mm
Width 2.500 / 2.550 mm
Height 2.743 mm

40’ pressurized tank container

Its large volume and relatively low dead weight allow for optimum loads of nearly any dry bulk material into 40’ pressurized containers. SCHMIDT provides the appropriate equipment for un-/loading.

Capacity: 56 m³
Dead weight: 2,0 – 3 to

Outer dimensions:
Lenth 12,192 mm
Width 2500 mm
Height 2600 mm
Operating pressure 2,0 bar

30’ aluminum box container

This container type is especially suitable for granulated products of the petrochemical industry. Special rotary feeders necessary for unloading are available at most SCHMIDT logistic centers or available on site on stand-by.

Capacity: 56 m³
Dead weight: 1,8 – 2,1 to

Outer dimensions:
Length 9152 mm
Width 2500 mm
Height 2743 mm

30’ high-cube aluminum box container

These containers are somewhat wider and higher than the regular aluminum box containers and are also suitable for nearly any dry bulk goods. Un-/loading is identical to that of conventional road tankers.

Capacity: 59 m³
Dead weight: 2,3 to

Outer dimensions:
Length 9152 mm
Width 2550 mm
Height 2895 mm