The following short texts are intended to provide an insight into the ongoing developments at the SCHMIDT Group. Should you desire further information, please contact the respective person in Heilbronn or directly at the respective branch office.



A joint venture agreement was signed between the companies SCHMIDT and KADADA (a subsidiary of the Al Otaishan Group) during the transportlogistic 2023 trade fair in Munich.
The objective of this agreement is the construction and operation of a bulk storage terminal in Al Jubail/Saudi Arabia.
Key data:
– Total area of ​​the entire site: 75,000 m²
– Phase 1 (approx. 50,000 m²): parking spaces, office building, weighing system, six storage silos, warehouse, container storage
– warehouse with approx. 22,000 m², two separate areas of the same size, each with space for up to 8,000 pallets
– Container storage for around 500 – 650 containers including a tilting platform
– Phase 2 (approx. 25,000 m²): Expansion option for existing services or for additional services

In the picture: Thomas Schmidt/SCHMIDT-Group (left) and Rakan Al Otaishan/Al Otaishan Group (right)



Our Abu Dhabi branch has grown by six storage silos. Each new silo has a capacity of 300 tons for the storage of polymers, the extension increases the storage capacity there by 1,800 tons. The majority of the storage silos are already occupied for current customer orders immediately after installation. The remaining capacitiy opens up the possibility of providing other customers with options for the intermediate storage of their products.

More pictures on the SCHMIDT Facebook page



KARL SCHMIDT Spedition and Spitzer Silo- Fahrzeugwerke have been working successfully on the development of silo trucks since the 1950s. The new intelligent “Silo Trailer 4.0” with the Spitzer Safety Assistance System was recently presented in Heilbronn and is equipped with a special remote control.

More pictures on the SCHMIDT Facebook page



The expansion of the existing SCHMIDT silo facility in the Port of Duisburg by 40 silos has been completed. Due to the still high demand for additional storage facilities, there are plans to expand the site by another 40 silos.

Construction time lapse: Facebook link



Below you will find the ECTA Annual Report 2022.

Link to the document



Expansion of storage capacities in the SCHMIDT Group
Due to the ongoing increase in import business coupled with high domestic demand, storage capacities at all national and international locations are almost fully utilized, both for silos and for receiving packaged goods. This development is now being taken into account by expanding existing terminals and building additional ones.

In detail, future plans will include the following locations
A) Expansion of the silo facility at the Port of Duisburg by an additional 40 silos
B) Expansion of the silo facility at the Markranstädt-Großlehna site (near Leipzig), also by a further 40 silos
C) Construction of a bulk materials center with a storage area of 5000 m² and facilities for bulk materials storage and handling in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia.
D) Extension of the silo plant in Ludwigshafen by another 4 silos

The concrete measures for the implementation of these projects are in full swing and we will keep you informed in due time about the completion and possible start of utilization. Further information can be obtained from the contact persons known to you as well as from the

Marketing & Sales department, Mr. Siegfried Ott
phone +49 7131 947 283



Vehicle availability Christmas and New Year 2022/2023

The year 2022 is coming to an end and, as in previous years, the upcoming holidays will require early planning by all parties involved. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to inform you that we will only be able to provide you with a very limited fleet in the period around the turn of the year:

Week 51/2022 maximum 50% of the allocated daily volume, beyond that individual coordination possible/desired.

Week 52/2022 and 01/2023 only individually confirmed transport orders as well as rush orders with the respective surcharge or dedicated lanes (one-way transports).

Week 02/2023 maximum 50% of the allocated daily volume, beyond that individual coordination possible/desired.

Please contact us in time to coordinate your needs.

Likewise, limited connections are to be expected for intermodal transports. Here, the departures will be fully available until approx. 20.12.2022 or again from 09.01.2023. From 21.12.2022 to 08.01.2023 there will be isolated departures, but these will only be announced in the coming weeks.

For this reason, we would like to ask you to coordinate your orders with us as early as possible in order to be able to make the desired delivery dates of your customers possible.

If you already have a forecast of your expected quantities or if outsourcing/special promotions are planned, please let us know.

For further information please contact your SCHMIDT representative.



Price Development Freight Prices Intermodal 2023

The current special economic-political situation in Europe, has substantial and drastic effects on the price formation of the railroad lines. The current Europe-wide explosion of energy prices, as well as inflation have massive effects. Negotiations with rail providers are currently underway and price increases in the higher double-digit percentage range are to be expected overall. The current Europe-wide discussions on an electricity price cap could have a positive impact on rail prices and partially reduce the enormous adjustments. As a result, the final prices will still take some time and we do not expect a result of these negotiations before the end of November.

In case of specific queries or offers for 2023, we kindly ask you to address the contact persons/customer advisors known to you.



The cooperation between Sumitomo Chemical Europe and SCHMIDT Belgium, which began in 2012, has recently been extended until May 31, 2029. In this context, the SCHMIDT branch in Antwerp has taken over the exclusive handling of all containers arriving at the port of Antwerp from the PetroRabigh production company in Saudi Arabia. In addition to customs clearance, interim storage and reloading of the shipping company containers, the scope of services also includes the transport of bulk goods and organization of packed goods transports by appointed freight carriers.

Both contractual partners have thus created long-term planning security and are leading the successful cooperation in a further phase of close partnership.



National holiday in the UK on September 19 due to funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

Because of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, September 19, 2022, is to become a national holiday throughout Great Britain.This was announced by Buckingham Palace. Due to this, all ports and container terminals will also be closed on this day. Deliveries on this day will therefore hardly or not be possible.

We kindly ask you to take this into account when planning your deliveries for next Monday.



As has been the case for several years, our customer DOW has recognized the efforts of the SCHMIDT Group with regard to the 4STAR principles of service, safety, social responsibility and sustainability. DOW says about SCHMIDT and the award: “Your dedication kept us moving forward in 2021 and will continue to do so in 2022 and beyond. You were and are truly demonstrating the 4STAR principles in our everyday partnership despite of all the unusual challenges that we had last year.”



The ECTA (European Chemical Transport Association) position paper, which can be viewed via the link below, was drawn up within the framework of a task force set up to combat the shortage of truck drivers. At the same time, another working group consisting of members of CEFIC (The European Chemical Industry Council) and ECTA is active in a joint initiative to counter this challenging situation. Representatives from SCHMIDT are involved in both working groups in order to make an important contribution and to support the implementation of the defined measures.

Link to ECTA position paper



SCHMIDT as one of the leading dry bulk logistics companies in Europe, headquartered in Heilbronn, Germany has signed an MOU with Repono. A vanguard petrochemical and oil terminalling company, Repono provides Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services for warehouses and logistics platforms in India.

Repono handles over 3 Million MT of polymers and chemicals every year. The company is at the forefront of bringing innovative solutions for packaging, logistics handling and storage in the Indian market.

While recognizing the wide potential of the Indian market, Mr. Thomas Schmidt (CEO SCHMIDT-Group) said, “It is exciting to see the Indian petrochemical growth story and it has been our desire to deliver our expertise in India as well.” “We see Repono as an ideal partner with good values and systems to join hands with to bring our engineering and design solutions to develop world-class logistics platforms in India”, he further added.

CEO of Repono Private Limited, Mr. Dibyendu Deepak, stated that “We are looking forward to work with SCHMIDT in the Indian market. We serve almost all petrochemical producers at some capacity or the other and strongly believe that new capacities in India will require specifically unique design and logistics solutions for the petrochemical industry. With SCHMIDT, we are confident in delivering the latest and tailor-made solutions for our customers in India”.

As the fastest-growing petrochemical market in the world, India is adding world-class capacity every year and attracts global petrochemical producers, traders, technology suppliers and logistics companies with viable, stable, cost-effective, technological solutions.



The Ukraine conflict and the mobilization called there will probably also have an impact on current business at SCHMIDT.

In connection with the call-up of Ukrainian conscripts and reservists, it can be assumed that a significant proportion of the Polish truck fleet as well as container chassis can no longer be manned for the time being.

We are continuing our efforts to minimise the impact on current business as far as possible, but we ask for your understanding that there will be postponements and individual transport cancellations. Whether and to what extent rail transports to Russia will be affected cannot be estimated yet.

For a detailed assessment of the individual orders, please do not hesitate to contact the account managers and operational contacts you are familiar with.



SCHMIDT Ibérica has successfully completed the regular SQAS assessments, which take place every three years. In all assessed SQAS-areas (transport service, cleaning and warehouse) significant improvements have been achived. This once again documents the excellent quality of the services in all important business areas as well as the uniform focus in the SCHMIDT Group on process optimization.



AAs reported, SCHMIDT has expanded the storage capacity at Tarragona, Spain. In cooperation with LyondellBasell, 32 new silos with a total capacity of 8,000 tons for the storage of plastic granules went into operation in November. So it is no longer necessary to store the products outside the factory premises which means a saving of 4,000 truck trips per year. The expansion of the silos complements the silo farm existing since 2000. The Tarragona premises were built and are operated by SCHMIDT on behalf of LyondellBasell.



Analogous to the increasing shortage of transport capacity, a comparable trend can also be seen in the SCHMIDT Group’s silo facilities. In conjunction with seasonal influences, the approx. 1,400 high silos at the various European branches are almost fully occupied. A similar trend can be observed for the occupancy of the warehouses and outdoor storage areas as well as 30′ bulk containers.

Through expansion measures in Tarragona / Spain, additional capacity has been created for the Spanish market which will be available at the beginning of next year. The construction work at the Duisburg terminal will take a little longer; here we expect that a further 40 silos can be put into operation in the middle of next year.Should you have any external storage requirements in your planning, please get in touch with the contact persons mentioned below or your respective customer advisors as early as possible in order to receive an individual storage concept according to your requirements.

Branch manager SCHMIDT Iberica
Michael Euler
Phone +34 977 269 822

Branch manager SCHMIDT Cologne-Niehl
Michael Pütz
Phone +49 221 76809 24

Head of Sales & Marketing
Siegfried Ott
Phone +49 7131 947 283



In mid-October 2021, the SCHMIDT branch in Langweid-Foret expanded its service portfolio with a fully automatic slitting system. The machine has an output of 20 to / h and slits 25 kg bags. Various products can be slotted (PP, PE, PET, ABS etc.) and poured directly into silo trucks, containers, octabins or big bags.




News about EU-Mobility Package at SCHMIDT: Link



Granulate separation pits in logistics systems have previously had to be cleaned extensively.

In order to replace the often expensive pumps used for this, a suction device is used for the first time at SCHMIDT Hürth. Developed there, the device works independently with a gasoline engine as a vacuum and pressure body. This makes it possible to carry out the surface suction of the separators by vacuum and to release the collected granulate into stacking containers by pressure.

This development significantly reduces maintenance and expenditure costs compared to the previously used solutions and helps to meet the increasing demands with regard to OCS (Operation Clean Sweep).



Dow Europe GmbH, one of the long-standing customers of the SCHMIDT Group, invites suppliers and freight forwarders to an award ceremony every year as part of its “4STAR” sustainability offensive.

At the virtual event this year, SCHMIDT was again congratulated with an award for its contribution to these goals.

In this context, various key figures such as service quality, safety, social responsibility and the minimization of CO² emissions in 2020 have been be evaluated.



The initiatives undertaken by the SCHMIDT-Group in the context of progressive digitalisation have reached a new milestone. The project initiated under the auspices of ECTA (European Chemical Transport Organisation) for the paperless creation of cleaning certificates has gained momentum.

Represented by the SCHMIDT Belgium branch, digital ECD’s (European Cleaning Document) can now be made available to customers for our cleaning station at Wommelgem (near Antwerp). In the coming months this process will be extended to other cleaning stations in the SCHMIDT-Group and a fully integrated data transfer to our own forwarding software (TMS) will be created.

In the medium term, this should also lead to the exchange of other digital documents such as the electronic CMR.



The SCHMIDT-driven location of our customer Kemya in Al Jubail has completed one million safe man-hours without Lost Time Injury (LTI) on May 3rd, 2021. Congratulation to the team on site for more than 2.5 years of safe work.



From December 2020 until end of April 2021, all onboard-units (tablets) of our trucks’ telematics systems have been changed. This has been done, as the new devices will cover several additional functions: They will be used as navigation systems with life traffic information, are helping with the digital recording of CMR waybills etc.

Additionally it is planned to increase the use of external apps, which was not possible with the previous devices. The exchange works have been done in SCHMIDT-own repair shops to minimize truck downtime.



Last year the SCHMIDT location in the harbor of Antwerp nearly doubled its size to 50,000 m².

The first step of the extension is finished, early March 2021 six new silo towers (each 340 m³) have been added to the existing silo battery.

Additionally in August the construction of a new warehouse with a size of 5,000 m² will start.



After intensive negotiations, our colleagues from SCHMIDT ME have succeeded in renewing the contract with Kemya in Al Jubail expired end of 2020.

The customer especially pointed out SCHMIDT’s long lasting positive service readiness and fulfillment of quality and safety criteria.

We are proud that we were able win Kemya’s confidence another time and are happy to work together for the next years.



In a letter dated January 12, 2021, the organizers of “transport logistic 2021” have informed all exhibitors, that the fair will not take place. Instead of this, an online conference will be realized from May 4 to 6, 2021.

According to the letter of Messe München the “…background to this is the numerous international travel restrictions, the lifting of which is not foreseeable until spring and which thwart the exhibitor’s claim with regard to visitor participation.”

The next “transport logistic” as a physical trade fair will take place from May 9 to 12, 2023 according to the organizers.

This information has been circled shortly after Karl Schmidt Spedition informed the organizers, not to participate as exhibitor at „transport logistic 2021“ due to the current situation of the Corona pandemic.

Alternatively to its presence at „transport logistic“ in Munich, SCHMIDT is planning to realize several customer meetings in 2021.



We are pleased that together with Lineas, we can further intensify intermodal traffic in Langweid-Foret. Thanks to the new Lineas Xpress-train service we are making the SCHMIDT branch in Langweid -Foret available to other companies and enable them to shift their goods off the road and onto the rails.

In doing so we improve the sustainability of our supply chains – And those of our customers. Special advantages for SCHMIDT we see for the traffics that combine road, rails and ship – So for “true” intermodal traffic. From our partnership with Lineas advantages for us and our customers especially occur for shipments from and to Augsburg region from and to England, Ireland, Portugal and Scandinavia.

Link to Youtube-Video (German, english subtitled)



In the course of the regular call for tenders at the Enzersdorf site we successfully extended, for a further three-year contractual term, the collaboration with Borealis that has existed since 2000. At present Borealis volume ranges up to 80,000 tons per year.

Moreover we were also able to win the future Borouge import traffic through our Duisburg terminal.

Borealis and Borouge are members of a global family of polyolefin companies, and are leading providers of innovative solutions for the basic chemicals and plastics area.



For the first time a gantry crane has been built for a container terminal in the SCHMIDT Group – At Hamm-Uentrop. Since August 2020 the gantry crane is up and running.

Lift hight is 12.7 m, which allows three containers to be stacked. Working radius to load trucks and trains is 10 m and with its working load of 42 ton the gantry crane is capable to lift 20 – 40 ft. containers. Due to its speed and lifting capabilities it is possible to execute 96 lifts during 8 hours.

Total amount of investment (gantry crane incl. infrastructure) ranges to 2.5 million Euro. Reason for this investment is the increase of storage volume from 320 containers to 800 TEU.



Due to corona crisis the demand for „typical“ transports carried out by Karl Schmidt Spedition (plastic granules) dropped.

To cope with at the same time rising demands for feed transports the existing GMP+ certificate (since 2008) has been extended to the fleet of SCHMIDT Polska.

After the successful audit executed at June 12th, 2020 extended freight capacity is now available for our customers in this range of transports.



We would like to inform you, that Dr. Wolfgang Hoppmann, former Head of Engineering and manager for SCHMIDT ME, has left the company, effective from September 3rd, 2020.

The decision was made owing to a different view regarding the strategic direction of the company.

Despite the personnel changes, KARL SCHMIDT SPEDITION consequently continues its activities in Middle East. Our partners have been informed hereof separately.


Early June 2020 SCHMIDT received again the „Silver 4 STAR Certificate“ from DOW.

DOW assesses involved parties of their supply chain in their “4 STAR pillars”: Safety, Service, Sustainability and Social Responsibility.

Parameters from different areas are used for the assessments of DOW’s suppliers – Delivery performance, inclusion of refugees and number of incidents or near misses as well as CO2 emissions etc. are part of the assessments.


With a new vehicle concept SCHMIDT contributes to sustainability in traffic.

Last year it was decided to employ a natural gas operated SCANIA truck for transports of “Nippon Gase”.

For the first time the vehicle has been equipped with a hydroment system. As on both sides the vehicle possesses supply tanks, the aggregate needed to be installed behind the drivers cab on a custom-made item. (picture below).

End of May the truck started operation at Dillingen/Germany.



The ongoing spread of the new Corona-Virus creates uncertainties in many areas – At home, on the road, at the job. Hygiene measures are now important – With consequences also for the truck fleet. Which details truck fleet owners need to consider for disinfection of their trucks – Now and in future?

In truck fleets many points of contact exist. Contact surfaces in vehicles should be disinfected regularly – Not only during the current ongoing Corona-crisis. We have a solution: In our cleaning facility in Heilbronn we offer a powerful hygiene service for your vehicles. Using a highly effective nebulizer (fogger) the complete inside of your vehicle is disinfected.

Regardless whether used for prevention or to treat vehicles used by COVID-19 positive persons – Professional nebulizers disinfect dangerous and pathogenic substances and smoothly clean your vehicle.

Mr. Zoran Obadovic, coordinator cleaning facilities SCHMIDT Group
Phone +49 7131 947-371



New Costumer – WIDMANN GASE

In the context of an invitation to a tender, SCHMIDT gas transports was able to gain the new customer Widmann Gase GmbH at the beginning of 2020 for the next four years. Like SCHMIDT, the Widmann firm is a family-run company founded in Ulm in 1986. Located just outside Ulm, the company offers technical and medical gases, in both bulk and cylinder form, for sale on a site area of 21,000 m2.

Three of SCHMIDT’s new semitrailer trucks will now undertake bulk transport of these gases. Two articulated gas trailers and a gas container are also in use for this task.



The two SCHMIDT-subsidiaries France and Great Britain move to new premises.

New postal addresses are:

Great Britain: KARL SCHMIDT U.K. Ltd., Suite B3, Simms Cross Business HUB, Widnes Road, Widnes Cheshire, WA8 6AX, UK.

France: SCHMIDT France SARL, Rue Maurice Allais, 76210 Saint Jean de la Neuville.

For both subsidiaries only addresses change. Phone numbers and e-mail-addresses of all contact persons stay the same.




Due to current circumstances, the SCHMIDT-location (founded 2015 for gas transports) at Slovakian capital Bratislava will be realigned.

Facing further need for silo truck capacities from customers’ side SCHMIDT has decided to transfer SCHMIDT Slovakia from a subsidiary for gas transports to a location doing silo transports. Till mid of 2020 up to 12 silo trucks and one container chassis will be on duty. The change to a silo company is currently executed.



The joint venture between the companies W. Wüst GmbH & Co. KG and Karl Schmidt Spedition GmbH & Co. KG for KTHN (Kombi Terminal Heilbronn) has included another partner: CDN (Container Depot Nürnberg GmbH), acting for IGS Hamburg.

From April, 1st, 2020 Heilbronn will be connected to the ports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven (three departures per week each). At Hamburg the terminals CTA, CTB, EUROGATE and CTT are served, in Bremerhaven container terminals I-IV.

Additionally to cargo handling KTHN offers further services like depots at shipowning companies, container repairs and -cleaning as well as trucking services (GPS-equipped chassis fleet). For shipments of dangerous goods KTHN is equipped with ADR-spaces (max. 24 hours per shipment). Reefer containers can also be stored.

For further details please visit



For the location Kstovo/Russia the tender of our customer Rusvinyl has been successfully finished.

Put into operation in 2013 by SCHMIDT the facility furthermore will be run by the regional team of KSS RUS for the next five years. At the complex the annual production of 330 KT PVC can be stored. Additionally SCHMIDT will execute the handling of incoming containers filled with salt. Scope of services include unloading the containers from the train, handling in the facility and tailored deliveries to the production using special tilting chassis.

The successful cooperation with Rusvinyl since start of production has been prolonged for a further contract period of five years.



Logistics Center for the Polymer Industry and Related Products Opens for Business

On October 8 on the premises of the Vorsino Industrial Park in the Kaluga region LLC KSS RUS, a subsidiary of the German Karl Schmidt Spedition GmbH & Co., officially opened its new logistics center.

In a festive event, the first deputy governor of the Kaluga region, Dmitry Denisov, congratulated staff and management of the complex as well as the German partners.

Affiliated with a railway terminal for receiving container trains with polymer products, KSS RUS offers logistics services for the chemical industry on an area of 45,000 m² as part of the multimodal Freight Village Vorsino transport and logistics center. Packaging, storage and shipping of polymer and related bulk materials to Russian and international customers are handled at and by this logistics center. The packaging machines can handle a capacity of 500,000 tons p.a. The logistics center is equipped with a warehousing area of 35,000 m2 , a container storage area with space for 7,000 TEU and six silos of 290 m3 each.

Due to its strategic location in the Greater Moscow area, the facility offers the possibility of distributing incoming goods from the production sites in eastern Russia. At the same time, however, the HUB function for the distribution of imports from Western Europe can be realized.

KSS RUS is a wholly owned subsidiary of German Karl Schmidt Spedition GmbH & Co. KG, Heilbronn, and employs more than 400 staff, with four separate offices in Tobolsk, Kstovo, Vorsino and head office in Nizhny Novgorod.




In April this year, SCHMIDT submitted to and successfully passed the re-certification audit in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. For the first time, TÜV Rheinland as certifying body carried out this auditing of service processes, equipment and equipment of the SCHMIDT Group.

In March 2019, SCHMIDT Heilbronn headquarters have again undergone an assessment according to the SQAS guidelines of CEFIC for the catalogues “Transport Service” and “Tank Cleaning” (new CEFIC catalogues 2019).

Furthermore, by the end of this year, all SCHMIDT rinsing stations will have undergone a special assessment in accordance with the SQAS guidelines for the “Tank Cleaning” catalogue to be further authorized to issue the EFTCO Cleaning Document.

All actual DIN EN ISO certificates can be viewed and/or downloaded in various languages from our homepage at Quality.

For further information, please contact our Quality Management division:

Patty Lehnhardt
Phone +49 7131 947-278




Effective from July 1, 2019, Mr. David Pettinari is heading SCHMIDT Italia, thus succeeding Mr. Lennart Göller.

Mr. Göller, in turn, has taken over the Division ‘International Organization’ for entire SCHMIDT Group. This step takes Mr. Göller back to Heilbronn headquarters, where he will be now responsible for coordination and issues of all foreign SCHIDT subsidiaries.

Smooth handover
Mr. Pettinari as acting branch manager for SCHMIDT Italia will focus on taking care of supporting and developing the transport and warehousing business for our IT-20162 Mailand and IT-20023 Cerro Maggiore subsidiaries as well as supporting the Ferrara onsite-Logistics.

(Picture to the left: David Pettinari, to the Right: Lennart Göller)



SQAS Warehouse

After 10 years SCHMIDT Ibérica again possesses “SQAS warehouse” certificate. With this SCHMIDT Ibérica fulfills Repsol demands. After three days audit SCHMIDT Ibérica reached 85%.



Eighth Show at the 2019 Transport Logistic Fair in Munich

SCHMIDT will again attend the upcoming Transport Logistics Fair in Munich as exhibitor. The 17th international trade fair for Logistics, Telematics and Transportation will be held from June 4 through 7, 2019, on the premises of Neue Messe München (Munich New Exhibition Center). It is world-wide the largest show for the complex, road, rail maritime and air freight sector. An extensive offer of seminars and technical conferences will provide an in-depth overview over new markets, trends and innovations within the international transport and logistics industry.

We would be happy to welcome you at our Booth 309 / in Hall B4.




As of now and in cooperation with Optical Sorting – Separation GmbH, the SCHMIDT Cerro Maggiore location in Italy is offering services to separate plastics granulate.

The mobile sorting equipment is laid out for a capacity of 2 t/h and offers a combination of various sorting procedures:

– Dedusting (light-weight components such as dust)
– Screening (e.g. miscuts)
– Inductive metal separation from 0.3 mm with regard to FE ball (for NE and other FE metals)
– Optical sorting (black spots, yellowing, cross-contamination)

For further information and detailed inquiries, please contact:

Lennart Goeller
Branch Manager SCHMIDT Italia
Phone 0039 02 66 154 220



Expanding our Stock of 30‘ Containers – Traffic to the Iberian Peninsula

For the upcoming year, the SCHMIDT Group has planned to further increase their intermodal traffic by adding another 500 30′ box containers to their current fleet of approximately 6000. In context with the existing silo storage at various locations within Europe, this makes for a flexible and customized warehousing concept covering not only temporary excess capacities in the vicinity of the respective production location but is also suitable for individual regional safety storage areas near the consignees.

Special emphasis is placed on expanding traffic to the Iberian Peninsula. In addition to a daily linkage of the Barcelona and Tarragona industrial centers, central coordination of our SCHMIDT Iberica subsidiary offers transport into the Bilbao, Murcia, Cartagena and Madrid area. The Vigo terminal in the northwest of Spain also covers traffic in the northern part of Portugal. In addition to rail traffic, we are incorporating short-sea transportation running several times a week.

From the business seat of our Spanish subsidiary in Tarragona, we provide – via the Vigo terminal – container traffic for our regional clients for their customers in the greater Porto area. In connection with our participation in the planned construction of a combi-terminal in Tarragona (CTC – Combi Terminal Catalonia) we are striving to offer a competitive alternative to the current dominance of road transport within Spain and Portugal.

For further information, please contact either our specialty department for Intermodal Traffic,

Ms. Sonja Stich
Division Manager Intermodal Traffic
Phone +49 7131 947-236

or directly our subsidiary in Spain,

Ms. Annette Proksch
Transport Manager SCHMIDT Iberica
Phone 0034 977 296 817




The SCHMIDT Frankfurt subsidiary now provides – in cooperation with Optical Sorting – Separation GmbH – services to separate plastics granulate. The mobile sorting device is designed for a capacity of 2 tons/hr and offers a combination of several separating processes:
– Dedusting (lightweight components such as dust)
– Screening (e.g. miscuts, longs)
– Inductive Metal Separation from 0.3 mm as regards FE-balls (for non-ferrous and FE (iron) metals)
– Optical Sorting (black spots, yellowing, cross-contamination)

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Klaus Sieth
Manager of the SCHMIDT Frankfurt subsidiary
Phone +49 69 942136-11