SCHMIDT utilises modern vehicles throughout Europe to perform on-time and safe transport operations. Capacity of the silo trucks ranges from 57 to 60 m³. For special orders, units with a capacity between 42 and 89 m³ are available. The fleet comprises company-owned as well as subcontractor vehicles. All units are fitted out with the uniform SCHMIDT corporate design.

With their network of logistics centers, SCHMIDT are not only situated in the immediate vicinity of their customers, but their various vehicle fleets based in Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Poland, Romania, Spain, Italy, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic complete an extensive presence of the SCHMIDT group of companies throughout Europe. This ensures that all customers can be provided with the requested equipment in a timely fashion and, therefore, an optimal distribution service can be provided to the final consignees.

Since the end of 2023, SCHMIDT has been using “jumbo” semi-trailers with a volume of 89 m³. These are particularly suitable for special loads such as silicon dioxide for the rubber industry and PET recycled flakes for recycling companies. The “Jumbos” help to further improve sustainability in the transport of light products and are intended to meet increasing demand in the future by expanding this trailer fleet.


SCHMIDT corporate silo trucks meet the customers’ highest technical requirements and standards. The standard equipment of all vehicles includes in addition to high-quality Spitzer silo trucks, noise-absorbing and air/air cooling compressors as well as state-of-the-art tractor equipment with engines meeting current European standards.

Alternative drives are also part of the vehicle fleet or are being tested. Since 2020, LNG vehicles have been used primarily in local silo transport. In addition, electric drives are currently being tested in order to be able to respond to the increasing demands on sustainable means of transport.

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