AKTUELL » Construction of a new HUB


at the Kaluga/Russia Industrial Park


At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum Anatoliy Artamonov, Governor of the Kaluga Region, Alexey Kozlov, Managing Director of SIBUR, Horst Schmidt, Managing Director of Karl Schmidt Spedition GmbH & Co. KG (KSS), and Nikolay Krutschinin, CEO of «Freight Village Kaluga» (a joint stock company, i.e. Freight Village RU), signed an agreement to develop a new chemical industry cluster for processing plastics within the Kaluga Industrial Zone (south-west of Moscow).

This agreement is a continuation of the memorandum signed earlier – detailing the participation of all parties in the development of a major logistics center / logistics HUB.

According to the ensuing agreements, SCHMIDT will construct the HUB on the premises of the Freight Village Vorsino Terminal. Object being among other goals to distribute the production from SIBUR’s «ZapSibNeftekhim» manufacturing site in Tobolsk currently under construction and designed to produce an annual two mil. tons of polypropylene and polyethylene after completion.

The agreement encompasses all relevant services for receiving, packaging, storing and shipping the polymer products to SIBUR’s Russian business partners and those abroad for a duration of 20 years.

From SIBUR locations to the HUB, products are transported in containers via block trains – i.e. by shipping the products as bulk goods in containers, efficiency is substantially being increased as compared to a traditional transport on pallets.

Total HUB capacity is approx. 670,000 tons p.a.

SIBUR’s polymer production share of 500,000 tons p.a. will ensure the HUB’s pro rata utilization accordingly.

This container terminal with a capacity of 1,300 x 40′ containers and its refurbished warehouse will be able to accommodate more than 40,000 tons of polymer products at any given time.

SCHMIDT’s total volume of investments in this project exceeds the sum of two bn. rubles net.

The agreement signed during the forum assigns a series of initiatives to the parties regarding the development of the Kaluga polymer processing cluster as well as the implementation of state-of-the-art logistics solutions in a multitude of areas handling plastics.

In addition to closely cooperating with SIBUR, SCHMIDT will be able to use this facility as HUB and distribution center for clients from Russia and Western Europe.