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New Service at our Cerro Maggiore Location in Italy

As of now and in cooperation with Optical Sorting – Separation GmbH, the SCHMIDT Cerro Maggiore location in Italy is offering services to separate plastics granulate.

The mobile sorting equipment is laid out for a capacity of 2 t/h and offers a combination of various sorting procedures:

– Dedusting (light-weight components such as dust)
– Screening (e.g. miscuts)
– Inductive metal separation from 0.3 mm with regard to FE ball (for NE and other FE metals)
– Optical sorting (black spots, yellowing, cross-contamination)

For further information and detailed inquiries, please contact:
Lennart Goeller – Branch Manager SCHMIDT Italia
(Tel.: +39- 02 66 154 220 / Email: